Architecture Sketch 0001: Test Background

Bryan and I are working on making games for the OLPC, the $200 laptop that's being sent to developing countries to get technology into children's hands. The display on the laptop is really clever. I'm not going to take the time to explain it, so you'll have to visit the Wikipedia entry for the OLPC XO-1 to read about the display. But in short, we are rendering our sprite graphics at 400x300, a third of the vertical and horizontal resolution of the display so there's no color distortion for each pixel in color mode.

Since we have just started working on the sprite engine for the game, Bryan asked me for a 400x300 test image so we have a colored backdrop to test the transparency of the sprites. I went a little overboard and spent about an hour and a half working on this. But it was fun and I got to try some architecture, which I really want to do more of.

So here it is, the first image in my Sketchbook Series. I'll post sketches that I've finished here. Of course I can't post all of my sketches, just the ones I do for fun. However, when a project is finished I'll likely start posting sketches for those as well.


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