Quick update: Hackberry Hollow (and other stuff too)

Just checking and reminding everyone that Hackberry Hollow is still in steady production. Here's some recent concept art, showing a sneak peak of Chapter 1. Be sure to check out the blog for more concept art and updates on the project.

An undead soldier hiding in a dark forest wearing a ghillie suit

Yes, I haven't been posting on my personal blog very much, but we do post on the Hackberry Hollow blog every Tuesday without fail, and the content is far more interesting. So subscribe to the RSS feed to get updates on what I'm working on.

We're all extremely excited about the project. We got the story nailed and the script is being written (we are almost done with the first volume out of five). The reactions to the script have been overwhelmingly positive, so we definitely feel that we have a winner and can't wait to get this project released.

The Animation Academy
About 5 months ago I enrolled into The Animation Academy down in Burbank for character design classes and wow, has it been a big help. Also today is The Animation Academy's 12 birthday, so that's pretty cool.

Massively Useful Software
I've been using LyX for most of my word processing needs recently. It creates beautifully typeset PDF documents with table of contents, indexes, and so on. I've been using it for my personal and production journals, and it saves them in the TeX format so they'll be readable forever.

I may do a full post on it eventually but I figured I'd at least make a quick mention of it now. It really is a nice piece of software for making multi-page text documents like books.


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