Lumaglyph Project: Hackberry Hollow

You know that top secret Lumaglyph project I've been mentioning recently? Well, it's not a secret anymore. Here's the announcement.

Hackberry Hollow is our first internal project at Lumaglyph, and we've recently launched the site at We set up a blog so we can post new concept art and other cool stuff as the project develops. The blog is updated every Tuesday afternoon.

We've been writing the story for about a year now. Both Adam and I are really excited with how the story has developed, and so far everyone we've shared it with loves it. Now that we have a solid outline for the story we are going into high gear working on the concept art. So be sure to subscribe to the Hackberry Hollow RSS feed for updates on my new work.

Here's some of the artwork I've posted so far.

So that's what we've been working on: Hackberry Hollow.

Visit the site, post comments on the artwork, and soon we'll have an epic webcomic for you to read.


E.A. said…
This design work is very strong, and kinda neat.

I'll be bookmarking this & checking back to chart your progress.

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