Guerrilla CG: Subdivision Surfaces

I just barely finished my first video for The Guerrilla CG Project on Subdivision Surfaces.

Guerrilla CG: Subdivision Surfaces from Glen Moyes on Vimeo.

This video was quite unlike any other project I've done before. All but one animated sequence in this video was rendered by playblasting in Blender. I had to do some tricks like forcing Blender to use anti-aliasing in my graphics driver settings, and using chroma key to remove the background from each render so I could composite other elements together, which is something I usually never have to worry about. Anyway, the results turned out very well. I used After Effects for compositing and editing. It took me about 3 days to put the video together.

The next video I'll be doing do will be on topology.


Mark said…
Very Nice Work Glen! Let me know if you need help on any projects.
NickZ. said…
Very nice video!
Clinton said…
Excellent work. I've seen some of your Blender-specific tutorials and I like how this one covers a topic with a variety of visuals.

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