The GuerrillaCG Project

Guerrilla CG is finally online. It hosts amazing videos that explain the fundamentals of computer graphics in a fun and easy to understand way. The videos are not software specific either, so you can watch them and take that knowledge to your 3D application of choice.

During college I taught Blender workshops for two years, and prior to that I did video tutorials for Blender. I learned that in order to teach people how to use the software I needed to spend quite a bit of time teaching the fundamentals first. So in my later workshops more than half the workshop concisted of myself doing a PowerPoint presentation. It turned out to be more effective, but we only had two hours of class a week, so I continued making video tutorials as part of the class so they could watch them at home. I put those videos on ShowMeDo so other people can watch them as well.

I was later contacted by Andrew Silke about a project he was working on called GuerrillaCG. He saw the stuff I did on ShowMeDo and wanted someone to help him out with the Fundamental Videos and put some Blender videos tutorials on there as well. I was blown away by the concept of the site and the quality of the videos, and felt flattered that professionals from places like Animal Logic actually got a hold of me to help them work on their projects. So I gadly accepted, and I'll be releasing video tutorials and concept videos for it soon.


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